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Mission Statement

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Pampel & Associates, Inc. This is a day and age where the pressure of balancing work with play and being successful in our businesses requires us to be proactive in our thinking. We need to be response-able and change with the times but before the times necessitate. We can no longer "do what we have always done" or "think the way we have always thought". We must avoid trying to keep up and instead take the initiative.

We believe taking action and creating an investment strategy specific to your needs allows you to prepare and meet your investment goals.

Our lives are in constant transition therefore we need to carefully prepare for those transitions to ensure a stress free and enjoyable lifestyle.

Pampel & Associates has the experience to support you in creating " Investment Strategies For a Lifetime" and stands prepared to do so.

Eric J. Pampel
President & CEO

"Management / Financial Strategies For A Lifetime"

Thank you for visiting Pampel & Associates, Inc. At Pampel & Associates, Inc. we want to assist our clients:

  • In being good stewards of their assets
  • In being happy, i.e. doing what they want, when they want, where they want, how they want and with whom they want.
  • In being profitable in their businesses and lives, i.e. creating relationships that contribute to their well being and having businesses that create the dollars necessary to accumulate assets for their futures
  • In having financial peace of mind, i.e. knowing that if they follow a strategy they will be able to contiue to maintain their lifestyles.